Vegan Staples Box - Ships Free!
Vegan Staples Box - Ships Free!
Vegan Staples Box - Ships Free!
Vegan Staples Box - Ships Free!
Vegan Staples Box - Ships Free!

Grow Your Roots Foods

Vegan Staples Box - Ships Free!

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All the pantry essentials in one box!

Our Vegan Staples box includes five of our chef-created sweet and savoury products, an exclusive recipe booklet, and a monthly freebie all thoughtfully packaged and delivered right to your door. This box is all about versatility and keeping your pantry stocked up with everything you need to make vegan cooking and baking easy, fun, and so delicious!

Every month, each box will include:

Five GYR Foods products:

You'll also receive our seasonal selections and new products.

An exclusive recipe booklet:

  • Take your vegan dishes to the next level with our chef-created recipes! Each month we'll send you product instructions, plus new and exciting ways to use them with three unique recipes each and every month.


  • From special seasoning blends, to samples, cookie scoops, and swag, enjoy something free on us!


    Your payment will be taken at checkout. If you subscribed monthly, the payment will be processed each month going forward on the same day. We ship our subscription boxes on the 1st of the month for all orders before the 23rd. For example: Purchased June 10, shipped July 1, next charge July 10 (subscriber).

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