Vegan Q&A with Chef Melanie Boudens

Our in-house chef and Co-Founder of Grow Your Roots Foods, Melanie Boudens, shares some of her wisdom in this quick Q&A! 

1. There are so many options on the shelves these days when it comes to vegan butters! What’s the best one?

    Non-dairy butter has been available since before I went vegan over ten years ago, so it’s time for you to give it a go if you haven’t already! Here are my top 3:

    Earth Balance: 
    Works exactly like dairy butter and is our go-to in all our recipes. Give it a try for any baking substitute, you won’t be disappointed!

    MELT organics: 
    Delicious on toast, for cooking and in some baking recipes; but it’s made with coconut oil so it can alter some recipes.

    A vegan version of their margarine, it doesn’t have that same great “buttery” taste. Not recommended for a baking substitute.


    2. What are your must-have pantry items?

    Well you know I love a pantry stocked with GYR Foods! But I do have some important ingredients that I can’t live without:

    • Nutritional Yeast: Magical cheesy powder AKA nooch! A key ingredient in making the perfect flavour in vegan meats and cheeses! Naturally high in protein and most brands are fortified. If I’m being honest, I put it in everything!
    • Natur-a Soy Milk: The unsweetened original is our go-to plant milk in all our recipes. Versatile, local, and organic.

    • Ground Flax Seed: I use it as an egg replacement in almost all of my baking and in some savoury dishes too (it makes for a good egg wash for breading ). Keep ground flax in the fridge though once opened!

    You can find all my fave products in the health food aisle at most major grocery stores! 

    More questions for Melanie? Drop them in the comments below.

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