How-to Host the Ultimate Brunch

Grow Your Roots Foods was founded with a love of good vegan brunches and a desire to help others elevate their brunch game! 

When incorporating more plant based meals in your everyday; we know that brunch can be a tricky one at first. That's why we created the Ultimate Brunch box, making it easy to prepare a delicious vegan feast for 8-10 people in the comfort of your own home. 

Here are our top three tips to host the ultimate brunch at home:

1. Start the night before

  • Boil potatoes for homefries
  • Boil tofu eggs 
  • Make your biscuits - but be sure to store them in an airtight container after cooling    
  • Cut fruit and store it in the serving bowl
  • Prep coffee and tea station

2. Style the perfect table

  • Add fresh cut flowers or greenery 
  • Include different textures and linens
  • Use different heights of glassware, mugs, pitchers and serveware
  • Set up the milk and sugar when you do the rest of the table setting

3. Keep it warm!

  • Get your table set before you start cooking 
  • Morning of, make hollandaise first as it can stay warm on the stove
  • Crisp up homefries in a pan
  • Pan-fry tofu eggs, slice and toast biscuits, and prepare tomato slices and greens  

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